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      1. Classic Massage
      2. Swedish Massage
      3. Sports Massage
      4. Cellulite Massage
      5. Lymphatic
      6. Cupping Massage
      7. Honey Massage
      8. Chair-Massage
      9. Sabai
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    I do everything perfect!

    I am a professional certified massage therapist with almost 7 years of experience.

    I have graduated from Kyiv National university of physical education and sport of Ukraine. My major was Rehabilitation and massage.

    I am a former professional sportsman.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

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    # Date Author Comment
    02.12.2017 15:01
    I ordered 2 hour massage. It was really amazing. Will order again for sure
    08.11.2017 10:18
    Roman has strong and skillful hands and he is very much present while he massages. He is very professional in every way. The massage was a great relief for my shoulder pains, thank you Roman!
    01.11.2017 22:32
    Roman was very good. Perhaps he could visit us today also at 8 pm. We would also need someone else to come with him for 2x90 min massage for me and my wife
    26.08.2016 19:56
    Thanks to Kirill for a classic massage! Well-being improved, tension and fatigue disappeared!
    17.08.2016 11:48
    I do gymnastics. I am doing Swedish massage at home. I sleep like a baby after a massage. Swedish massages help to relax and are very soothing. Roman is doing a great massage!

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