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      1. Classic Massage
      2. Sports Massage
      3. Cellulite Massage
      4. Chair-Massage
      5. Thai Massage
      6. Gua Sha
      7. Tok Sen
      8. Warm Bamboo
      9. Sabai
      10. Acupressure
      11. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui
      12. Face Massage
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      Massage Bed, Сhair, & Mattress
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    I make people happy, healthy and attractive!

    A massage therapist is my profession and my deal of a lifetime. Massage is my job and my hobby, I have dedicated my life to it and I do it with pleasure. I am glad to make my customers healthy and happy. I am truly happy to watch transformation of my clients after the massages, how they get rid of pain and stress, watch light of their body and shinning of their eyes!

    I daily work with people and see how different they all are, with different appearance, skin, and physique. Each one is unique! And each one is beautiful in own way!

    Appreciate your uniqueness, admire yourself! Love your body, take care of it! And I am glad to offer all my knowledge, skills, experience to strengthen your health, preserve the beauty of your body, add confidence. I am aware of all my abilities, believe in myself and I want you to believe in yourself, your powers and strengths of your body. Love yourself! Be healthy, happy and successful!

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    08.03.2019 15:31
    If you are looking for best therapist in Kyiv it is Kyrill. I can say it absolutely objectively! After years in Thailand I found the BEST massage here back home in Ukraine. Reasonably priced top service! Accept deep knowledge of anatomy, he knows various techniques, feels the optimal pressure and temp suitable for you and might sound weird “balance the energy”. So happy to find this website last summer. Since then I am and my sister- permanent customers!
    13.04.2015 16:12
    Called to Kirill late at night and was sure he would refuse to come. But he works almost 24 hours per day.
    16.09.2014 20:46

    I am new to Ukraine. I am a teacher -- lots of stress! I am interested in a massage at home I have had many massages, but only in the US and Africa (once in Hungary).

    I had an excellent massage from Kirill this afternoon. I would highly recommend him.

    12.07.2012 18:59
    Everytime when come to Kiev order massage from Kirill. The best way to forget about jet lag
    17.03.2019 13:55
    При первом нашем разговоре Кирилл ответил, что он не скорая помощь и слукавил. Он в буквальном смысле поставил меня на ноги за один сеанс. А за несколько вернул отличное самочувствие. Чувствуется, что человек занимается своим делом, мне радостно слушать как Кирилл рассказывает о своей работе, обучении в разных странах и разным техникам. После сеанса я смеюсь, танцую, массаж делают мне, а выигрывает вся моя семья :) Массаж может быть приятным дополнением, но это так же о здоровье, энергии, более качественном уровне жизни

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