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Thai massage Tok Sen is world known for several thousand years and during that time it proved to be one of the most effective types of massage. It technique is unusual: therapist uses a special mallet (in Thai - "tok") and a chisel to treat the body along the energy lines (“sen"). It creates vibrations that reach the deepest layers of muscles and nerve endings providing significant therapeutic effects on internal organs, cardiovascular, lymphatic and other human systems. Movement of life energy is regulated successfully due to improved passability of energy channels. That is why Thai doctors believe that Tok Sen massage is an effective means of curing physical ailments, as well as nervous exhaustion.

Effect of Tok Sen for body and soul

By removing the clamps, cramps, blocks in the body, massage relaxes, removes physical, mental and emotional stress; it is effective at the treatment of headaches, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, varicose veins, even paralysis of the extremities. Stimulation of vital energy has a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism; and it restores emotional balance. Tapping of varying intensity ensures the achievement of the desired effect: health improving, relaxational and tonic.

Price :

90 minutes –– 800 UAH
120 minutes –– 1000 UAH


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