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Reflexology (segmental) massage is a wellness treatment based connection of separate zones of the body with their "projection" on certain areas or segments of the skin. This massage has own "history": ancient physicians revealed connection of human organs and systems with certain spots on the body and using pressure they restored natural balance of human body, released life energy, accelerated recovery. A lot of points and zones (more than sixty!) are located on the soles of the feet, and nerve fibers connect them with all the vital organs and systems. Therapist finds pathological symptoms in reflex zones and stimulates the activity of relevant organs, restoring the internal balance in the body.

Effect of foot massage

Procedure has a general revitalizing action: it strengthens musculoskeletal, circulatory and lymphatic systems, activates metabolic processes, and increases resistance to stress and disease. It enables proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system, reduces feet swelling, muscle atrophy. It improves overall health: by replacing fatigue and apathy with vigor, vitality, and healthy sleep.

Price :

30 minutes –– 300 UAH
60 minutes –– 600 UAH


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