Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage


Massage for pregnant women eliminates manifestations of discomfort caused by the increased load on all organs and hormonal changes during pregnancy. It relieves pain and muscle tension in the back, has beneficial effect for the nervous system. Activation of blood circulation and lymph flow is useful for the fetus development; it helps to eliminate varicose veins and swelling, prevents from stretch marks.

Features of massage during pregnancy

The procedure provides a quiet, smooth effect and complete exclusion of sharp movements. Abdominal area is not treated. The therapist treats neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and with extreme caution - the sacrum and lower back. Back is treated while a woman is on the side, using pillows and blankets for convenience. Lymph drainage techniques are used to prevent from and reduce the swelling.

At the normal course of pregnancy, at the absence of medical contraindications, the massage sessions are allowed at any terms, but in case of toxicosis, it is desirable to wait for the beginning of the second trimester. Prerequisite is attentive and careful attitude to the expectant mother, provision of complete comfort, safety and positive emotions to her.

Price :

60 minutes –– 600 UAH


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