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  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage


Sports massage significantly enhances functional level, endurance and performance of athletes, their prompt, high-quality recovery after sports events. Based on the principles of classical massage, its techniques require more powerful, intense treatment, purpose of which is to accelerate the blood circulation in the muscle tissue, to warm them, increase energy activity, to improve the function of joint and ligament apparatus. Depending on the tasks it has the following varieties: training (performed with exercise, making them more effective), preliminary (short, mobilizing forces) and restorative (eliminating fatigue and restoring performance). In case of injuries, damage to the musculoskeletal system, diseases caused by heavy loads, sports massage is a part of the treatment and rehabilitation methods.

Scope of application

More recently, sports massage was in demand only by the representatives of professional sports. Now, in connection with the mass development of wellness culture, it becomes increasingly popular. It can be used for people with an active lifestyle and keeping fit. It is a great way to get rid of stress and to eliminate the lack of energy as soon as possible.

Price :

60 minutes –– 600 UAH
90 minutes –– 800 UAH


Comments :

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22.06.2019 13:49
I have been playing tennis since childhood, and after moving to Ukraine I started looking for a qualified masseur. Roman makes me a sports massage. I have been using his services for half a year now and this helps me recuperate after training. Sports massage warms the muscles and improves blood circulation. After the session, I feel a surge of strength and energy!
01.04.2017 08:01
Dennis was very attentive and thorough. Dennis found his way round my muscles like a pro. I had a sports massage which I find most masseurs cannot do. Dennis was good at it. He was so good i booked him again for the following week and put him permanently in my phone. Enjoy.
21.07.2019 13:27
Занимаюсь спортом всю жизнь, Кирилл приезжает делать массаж раз в неделю. Отличный массажист, знает все тонкости спортивного массажа, после сеанса мышцы приходят в тонус, помогает восстановить силы после тренировки. Цена приемлемая. Массаж на дому - очень удобно, позволяет экономить время, которого всегда не хватает
20.07.2019 14:39
Я фитнес-инструктор и знаю как важно приводить мышцы в тонус после физических нагрузок. Пользуюсь услугами Home.Masssage давно, нравится что спортивный массаж делают на дому -в Киеве это редкость!
14.07.2019 18:39
Быть спортсменом не легкий труд, организму нужно восстанавливаться после нагрузок или соревнований. Мне помогает только спортивный массаж. Это и релакс и для мышц полезно, чтобы привести их в тонус после занятий спортом. Спортивный массаж на дому - это удобно, после массажа чувствую себя отлично!

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