Honey Massage

  • Honey Massage
  • Honey Massage
  • Honey Massage
  • Honey Massage
  • Honey Massage
  • Honey Massage


Honey massage is an effective, long-term practice proven method to improve skin and body. During the massage session the therapist applies natural bee honey to the skin; since ancient times honey is known as a healing means to supply the human body with vitamins and microelements. But honey not only nourishes the tissues: under the influence of intensive massage accompanied with strong pressure and a sharp separation of palms, it "extracts" toxins from skin, making it silky, elastic, devoid of subcutaneous fat.

Honey massage effect

You can appoint manual or cupping honey massage of the whole body, thighs, neck, abdomen, arms and legs. Desired result is guaranteed: massage of the cellulite affected areas eliminates "orange peel"; abdominal massage removes extra inches around the waist, improves the functions of the digestive system, and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Treatment of the back, increasing blood circulation, will help at diseases of the spine, promptly relieve fatigue.

Massage with honey significantly contributes to weight loss, restores the normal functioning of joints and also perfectly copes with stress consequences. It is a great toning facial treatment to clear pores, eliminate peeling, smooth out facial wrinkles, helping to preserve and prolong youth.

Price :

60 minutes –– 600 UAH


Comments :

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27.06.2016 13:22
Массаж с выездом на дом - удобное решение для тех, кто заботится о своем здоровье и внешности. Я ухаживаю за своим телом, это важная часть моей жизни, я правильно питаюсь, занимаюсь фитнесом и раз в неделю пользуюсь услугами Home.Masssage. Я чередую различные виды массажа, но мой фаворит - медовый массаж. . Избавиться от шелушения кожи на теле мне помог именно этот вид массажа. А запах меда приносит мне эстетическое удовольствие от процедуры.

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