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Bamboo massage or warm bamboo massage is a toning treatment based on the ancient Eastern traditions, being significantly popular in the modern world. During the session the body is manually treated by the masseur with durable bamboo sticks of different sizes. It is a great instrument to diversify the techniques of massage and ensure deep tissue treatment.

Peculiar features of bamboo sticks massage

Using preheated bamboo sticks the therapist affects certain areas of the body, alternating varying pressure strength and duration with vibration. The procedure is performed smoothly due to the oil, which provides tight contact with the body. Warm bamboo makes it pleasant and painless, facilitates the penetration to the deepest tension spots, thus the massage effect is significantly enhanced.

Effect and advantages

Improving blood circulation and lymph flow, massage has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, improves skin turgor, returns the flexibility to joints. It speeds up metabolic processes and noticeably corrects figure, eliminating excess weight. The procedure is also extremely useful at mental and physical fatigue: it relieves from stress and pain, muscular and nervous tension, restores efficiency and good mood.

Price :

90 minutes –– 800 UAH
120 minutes –– 1000 UAH


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