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  • Cupping Massage
  • Cupping Massage
  • Cupping Massage


Cupping massage is one of the most effective methods to eliminate cellulite and improve your figure. During the procedure, our therapist uses special vacuum cupping to create on the skin a local suction, moving it along the blood and lymph vessels. There are both an intensive treatment of skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle fibers, as well as effects on the nerve endings related to internal organs. It helps to destroy fat cells and remove excess interstitial fluid, improves blood circulation, stimulates the processes of metabolism and tissues supply, accelerating the movement of lymph and eliminating accumulated toxins and waste. Skin becomes smooth, it gets healthy, fresh look, and body contours become sharper. General health improvement is achieved.

Benefits of cupping massage

Professional cupping massage enables achieving the greatest impact in the shortest time. Specifically treating the problem areas, you can even eliminate cellulite, get rid of extra kilos and improve your figure. Subject to active exercise and moderate food, lifting effect is kept for a long period of time.

Price :

60 minutes –– 600 UAH


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04.09.2016 18:27
Если вы до сих пор не верите в то, что можно избавиться от дефектов фигуры без пластической операции, то вы наверняка не пробовали баночный массаж! Вещь потрясающая! Немного есть дискомфорт при первой процедуре, но это если кожа чувствительная как у меня, а результат минус сантиметры и упругая кожа!

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