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Point massage (pointillage) or acupressure is a centuries proven health practice with eastern roots, which involves complex, slow, extremely individual treatment. It is based on the ancient idea of vital energy in the human body, moving through certain channels - meridians - to all organs; such energy makes the cycle during the day. In addition, human energy involves two aspects: Yang - positive, bright, and masculine, and Yin - negative, dark, and feminine; their imbalance manifests in a variety of diseases. Proper distribution of these polar forces, restoring of energy balance and, as a result, healing are achieved by pressure on so-called "life" (biologically active) points. Modern medicine explains the obvious therapeutic effect of such massage due to complex reflex connections.

Types and scope of application

Acupressure includes hygienic, cosmetic, medical and rehabilitative effect; it can be invigorating or relaxing. It has been successfully used to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue; it is used at muscular hyper tonus, neurosis, neuritis, allergies, migraines, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diseases of the digestive tract. This procedure is an excellent addition to drug therapy and physical therapy techniques to cure many ailments.

Price :

60 minutes –– 600 UAH


Comments :

# Date Author Comment
13.05.2017 15:26
Это массаж для смелых: было очень больно, в какие-то моменты хотелось кричать и ругаться, потом хотелось вырваться и быстрее убежать... До сих пор не понимаю, как я всё это вытерпела, но странным образом боль в пояснице и ноге исчезли постепенно полностью. Спасибо Вам. И прошу прощения за все непарламентские выражения :)

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